Meals We believe that mealtimes should be social, happy times where skills can be developed and foods tasted!


We have fully trained Cooks in each of our Nurseries, who prepare and cook every meal on site, using only the freshest ingredients, including fresh fruit and vegetables.  All of our meals are carefully planned to meet the individual needs and requirements of each child.


We have strict health and safety procedures and the managers regularly audit the nurseries to ensure that these policies and procedures are being adhered to.


Our Nurseries are regularly inspected by the local authorities, to ensure we are meeting standards and adhering to the procedures given.


Vegetarian options are available, daily and fresh fruit and yoghurt are always available as an alternative pudding / dessert.


Meals Drink: milk, water or diluted fruit juice, are available throughout the day. If you have any specific requirements or special dietary requirements, please inform the Nursery Manager and we will cater for your child on an individual basis.


Babies in our care are fed with the breast milk or formula milk provided by their parents. Their mealtimes are dictated by their routine at home, and they are cuddled while they are fed, just as they would be at home.


Weaning onto solid foods is always done in consultation with the parents. We feed freshly pureed food, and only introduce new ingredients once you have tried them safely at home. We tell you what your child has eaten, and how much, again, keeping to the routine they have at home.

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