EducationFrom September 2008 we have introduced The Early Years Foundation Stage, although we have had to make several changes within our setting with regard to the previous Birth to Three Framework, other changes have been minimal, due to the fact that we have always encouraged children to learn through play.


We understand that the framework is not about pushing children yet ensuring that every child is given the opportunity to learn through high quality play to the best of their ability.


We strongly believe that children are active learners from birth and that if we provide them with the right environment, support and experiences; it will then in turn encourage their curiosity, imagination and creativity. We ensure that we work together with carers and parents to ensure that we stimulate each child emotionally and intellectually by providing unique circumstances that promote individual active learning.


The environment is organized into clearly defined areas to accommodate different activities appropriate to the development and competence of the children. Areas are divided, and where possible, by the use of low-level shelving that reduces distraction and allows children to become engrossed in their activities. The fact that we use low shelving also allows resources to be displayed so that the children can make choices about items that they want to use in their activities. The children can all access a range of materials like sand, water and paint, which in turn helps develop their creativity whilst developing independence.


EducationThe children are also encouraged to enjoy the quieter areas of the nursery; we have cosy areas in each room and also areas that encourage physical skills such as crawling, sitting, standing and walking which are all important for development. The babies in our care are introduced to discovery play through treasure baskets that contain a mixture of natural materials that vary in feel and texture and offer a sensory experience for heuristic play.


We use regular observations to ensure that the provision is suitable for the children and that they are making suitable progress. The observations and development records show a clear and consistent progress in most children’s development, supporting that the learning experiences that we offer are worthwhile and significant. We use both formal and incidental observations to ensure that the children are making steady progress towards the early learning goals, we use the observations to highlight the next steps in the children’s learning and development.


We have numerous children within the pre-school unit that have English as an additional language, to support these children we use signs and symbols and also have a variety of dual language story books.

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